Since its introduction to the marketplace in 2010, the iPad has become one of the most popular pieces of technology in the workplace. iPad safety inspection software has been developed to allow iPad users to conduct field inspections. Unlike other mobile devices such as PDAs, the iPad is extremely affordable and given its mobility, it comes as no surprise that iPad safety inspection software suites have been developed around this platform.

The safety inspection checklists used to conduct field inspections are usually printed into paper-forms, which inspectors fill out while in the field. iPad safety inspection software suites take these checklists and turn them into an electronic format. When field inspections are conducted, the information input into the iPad can be sent wirelessly to a central database which stores the data from all previous inspections. This saves field inspectors from entering the data from a paper-based inspection checklist into a computer, making the inspection process more efficient and accurate, as the scope for human error in  data entry is eliminated.

iPad safety inspection software

iPad safety inspection software can be customised to suit any inspection process, from rack safety inspections to fire equipment safety inspections and even mine safety inspections. The iPad safety inspection software mirrors what inspectors usually see on a paper-based form, so the learning-curve is not particularly difficult. This is very relevant as field inspectors are often reluctant to change their tried and tested procedures and the familiarity of inspection checklists reproduced on the iPad safety inspection software will help them overcome this fear of change and perhaps even a fear of technology.

The in-built cameras on the iPad will combine with the iPad safety inspection software program so that inspectors may capture images and add these to inspection reports. There is also a built in microphone which allows field inspectors to add audio notes. Inspectors may use a stylus to enter data which the iPad inspection software program can convert into text. Other useful features include GPS technology and a access to a host of useful applications.

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