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Using a Paper-Based Safety Inspection System?

Safety inspection software allows organisations and businesses to manage their occupational health and safety (OHS) obligations by automating the safety inspection process. Safety inspections conducted on paper can be time-consuming, involve human error and give a false sense of security. Today, many organisations and businesses can save time and money by using an electronic system that makes use of a safety inspection software suite, and mobile devices such as PDAs, smartphones and tablets. Implemented as a safety inspection solution, this can drastically improve the operational safety of organisations and businesses across several sectors.


What does Digital Inspection do?

  • Eliminate Paperwork
  • Help Reduce Human Error
  • Remove Complicated Filing Systems
  • Automates Many Processes
  • Speeds Up Inspection
  • Increases Efficiency¬†
  • Boosts Proficiency


Where can I learn more?

At, we aim to provide you with industry advice to educate professionals about the importance and potential uses of inspection software. In doing so we provide articles and other content that we deem relevant to those potentially wanting to take their inspections paperless.

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Industry Recommendations:

Through research and analysis, our experts are proud to recommend Pervidi – The Paperless Inspection Solution by Techs4biz. Techs4biz is a global organisation with lengthy experience taking numerous organisations and businesses paperless, across industries and sectors. Below we share some useful pages in order for you to find out more about the inspection solution that Techs4biz provides.



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