In every workplace, safety should be the top priority. With many workers performing tasks around heavy machinery, it’s essential to provide workers with the tools they need to stay safe. One such safety tool is a proximity alert system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

The benefits of a stand-alone proximity alert system:

Safety First: A stand-alone proximity alert system can greatly improve the safety of workers around heavy vehicles and machinery. The system can detect when a worker is getting too close to an equipment, vehicle, machinery or to a NO GO ZONE, and issue an immediate audio and visual alert to warn the operator and the worker. This can prevent accidents, collisions and injuries.

Configuration: A stand-alone proximity alert system is highly configurable. The system can be programmed to issue different types of alerts depending on the proximity of the worker to the hazard or the moving machinery. For example, have multi-level alerts – an alert -Visual and Audio can be issued when a worker is within a certain distance of a machine, and a different alert can be issued when the worker is in close proximity to the machine. Making it a very flexible solution for different circumstances.

Easy to Use: A stand-alone proximity alert system is easy to use and requires minimal set up or training. Workers can simply wear a Bluetooth-enabled tag, or attached the tag to their hard hat and the system will automatically detect when they are in proximity to a moving machinery or approaching a hazardous area, or a NO GO ZONE.

Real-time Reporting: The system can provide real-time data on worker movements, allowing management to track worker movements and identify potential safety risks. This can be useful for identifying areas where additional safety measures are needed and for ensuring compliance with site safety protocols.

Cost Effective: A stand-alone proximity alert system is very cost-effective compared to other safety solutions. It does not require any special infrastructure, additional equipment, or training, making it an affordable solution.

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Pervidi safety proximity alert solution- benefits

As a summary, a stand-alone proximity alert system using BLE is an effective and affordable safety solution for improving worker safety in various indoor, outdoors, and remote environments. It’s easy to use, configurable, does not require set up or infrastructure and provides real-time data on worker movements. By investing in this new technology, organisations can now ensure the safety of their workers and prevent accidents and injuries.

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