Safety Inspections in Hazardous Areas

Performing safety inspection for electrical equipment requires the safety inspector to carry only intrinsically safe devices certified for the hazardous area. To ensure safety, mobile devices are placed into protection level categories according to manufacture method and suitability for different hazardous areas.

The Smart Phone Replacement for Paper (A short guide for choosing the right paperless field solution)

hese days we not only carry a mobile phone in our pockets but a mobile mini computer. We have many clients that come to us that are sick of using paper based inspection reports in the field; then bringing the paper back to the office and re entering all that inspection detail into a database at their office; thereby effectively doubling the work of recording the results and stretching the reporting and corrective actions timeline. Smart Mobile phones have the ability to replace this paper extensive process. Not with just another paperless inspection ‘app’ that has pretty screens and not much functionality, But have the ability to have software loaded onto them that can ensure the paperless inspection process is not stopped or effected in anyway if the operator looses a connection to the web.

Mine Safety Inspection Software

Mines are notoriously dangerous and so a successfully implemented mine safety inspection software suite is an essential tool in preventing accidents and ultimately ensuring a safe workplace for mine workers. There are a number of safety concerns for mine safety managers to control on a mine site.

iPad Safety Inspection Software

Since its introduction to the marketplace in 2010, the iPad has become one of the most popular pieces of technology in the workplace. iPad safety inspection software has been developed to allow iPad users to conduct field inspections. Unlike other mobile devices such as PDAs, the iPad is extremely affordable and given its mobility, it comes as no surprise that iPad safety inspection software suites have been developed around this platform.

Using Android Devices to Manage Safety Inspections

Over the past couple of years, the explosive penetration of Android-based mobile phones and tablets has changed the marketplace with an estimated 6 million weekly activations of Android devices at the beginning of 2012.
Safety inspection applications have been available on other types of mobile devices for the past few years, expanding the safety inspection applications to the Android platform seemed to be the ‘logical’ evolution of smart-phones.