The recent tragedy involving a Tanker highlighted the need for thorough ‘pre start’ checks of all heavy vehicles; whether being used on the road system or within the work site. It is common sense that employees cannot be expected to conduct full mechanical checks every time they use a vehicle, however, a quick ‘pre start’ check can help identify  major faults and hopefully prevent a catastrophe and the employer from expensive litigation.


The advent of paperless pre start check application  that can now operate on any Android or iOS device has made the process of conducting a ‘pre start’ check; simple, easy, and very cost effective.The paperless pre start check required can be easily developed within the central database of the software, together with appropriate drop down boxes that can provide common answers, recommendations and corrective actions.


Paperless pre start check

Paperless Pre start application on mobile devices also allows for the addition of photographs’ that can record the actual area where the fault lies; in order for the maintenance department to have a reference point for repairs.Once the paperless pre start check is completed, the data, along with the photos can be sent back to the database via the internet and then sent onto a maintenance area, the workshop or third party contractor to have the issue dealt with.

Paperless Pre start checks on mobile devices needs to be easy to operate, accessible at point of operation and informative; With the wide spread of mobile devices, the pre start checks for heavy vehicles is available on Tablets or smart phones and can minimize down time, save on maintenance expenses and  maybe save lives as well !!

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