Since the introduction of mobile devices, automation has proven to be an important tool in the management of fire and safety inspections. Automation enables effective equipment tracking, scheduling, service management, and management of parts and inventories. Benefits of paperless inspection include improved productivity, reduced downtime, increased equipment life expectancy, compliance with regulations, and lower overall maintenance costs. In recent years, the role of mobile devices like iPhone, iPads, Android smartphone and tablets has increased from toys used by early adopters and consumers, to day-to-day tools deployed by service organisations such as fire equipment inspectors.

How can a iPad and Android mobile devices automate fire equipment inspections and become a paperless work orders device? 

Most smartphones and tablets operate on either the iOS Operating System (APPLE) or Android (GOOGLE), and both platforms can easily handle fire equipment and safety inspection application. Paperless Mobile Devices apps have to provide information that already exists on paper forms.  For example, if the Inspector fills out a weekly sprinkler logbook, the iPad paperless app. can fulfil the same function electronically. The fire inspector can pick from a list of possible choices, type in information, or use the voice to text function (e.g. SIRI in Apple) according to the logbook and Standard requirement (e.g. NFPA, FPAA or Australian Standards, such as AS- 1851).

IPad and Android App for safety inspection of  fire equipment

Safety inspection app. for iPad and Android devices make current, past, and future information accessible and easy to use. Safety inspection app. for iPad and Android mobile devices should also be tailored towards field service personnel who need to perform their tasks using easy-to-use screens and functions. Furthermore, by simplifying navigation buttons and minimizing keystrokes, fire equipment and safety inspectors can easily learn how to operate the paperless inspection app. in a very short time-frame. The Safety inspection app. for iPad and Android can include validations that allow or disallow data entry and make data entry mandatory when identifying defects and other non-compliance findings. The safety and Fire inspection app. can also provide the safety inspector with historical information pertaining to previous inspection and testing. Furthermore, some of the mobile device features such as camera, NFC, Wi-Fi,  Clock and GPS enable quick identification of equipment, identify points of entry and exit, provide audit trail, document non-compliance, photographic evidence, improve efficiency, and minimize human errors.


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