The oil and gas industry must deal with an array of health and safety concerns, not only in regard to employees but also the environment. Legislatures around the world have created comprehensive laws regarding safety for oil and gas companies and so without any regular safety inspection regime these companies may find it difficult to ensure compliance.

Safety inspection software for the oil and gas industry has made compliance with legislation much easier. Most safety inspection software suites have the functionality to schedule all safety inspections that are required. When a safety inspection is due to be completed, field inspectors are notified of the scheduled inspection and are reminded to complete the inspection if there is any delay. This means that safety inspections that are required to be completed do not “slip through the cracks”.

Safety inspection

Inspectors in the oil and gas industry often work in trying conditions and so carrying around a laptop or iPad may be difficult. Fortunately most good inspection software suites have the ability to be loaded on to a PDA (personal digital assistant). These rugged devices can withstand the toughest conditions, including being dropped from height.

These devices also have a range of additional features that are particularly useful. Safety inspection software can be used with the inbuilt cameras in PDAs so that inspectors in the oil and gas industry may add, annotate and attach photos taken during their safety inspections to reports. They may also add voice recorded notes to inspections. PDAs also have GPS and barcode functionality.

Safety inspection software can be tailored to the peculiarities of the oil and gas industry safety regulations and is thus an invaluable tool to safety managers.

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