One of the most effective ways to improve safety in the workplace and reduce the risk of injury is to provide the employees with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Organisations providing PPE to their employees are required to regularly check the PPE for signs of stress or damage to ensure compliance and more important is to ensure the safety of their employees.

Mobile technology has changed significantly in recent times and the introduction of paperless application on mobile devices can help improve workplace safety, save time on safety inspection and provide real time data to safety managers, supervisors, and line mangers.
The automation of the PPE safety inspection process is yet another example of how paperless inspection application has been used to streamline safety inspection and provide both time and cost benefits.

As most of the employees have a smart phone (Android or iOS), the use of a paperless inspection checklist is very accessible and intuitive, the customised PPE safety checklist can provide an easy tool to identify any areas that require attention and report any issue immediately.

All Android and Apple mobile devices (i.e. smartphones & tablets) will allow for photographs of the defect to be captured and attached to reports.
Voice recordings can be made with each inspection and PPE can be identified easily using RFID or barcodes.

Self- audit checklists of PPE can be used before the use of any PPE – for example:

In case of head protection:
• Tag indicating helmet meets applicable standards (NFPA, FPAA, AS etc.)
• Does the helmet have flaps for ears and neck?
• Is the outer shell free of dents or cracks?
• Is helmet acceptable for use?

In case of Eye and face protection:
• Eye and Face Protection appropriate to the hazard used and are maintained per manufacturer recommendations.
• Filter lenses with appropriate shade number available where work involves injurious light radiation
• Side Protectors used where flying objects hazards are found.

In case of GLOVES:
• Tag Indicating Gloves meet the appropriate Standard
• Free of any contamination to Shell or liners
• Free of any Tears on Seams or shell of gloves
• Are Gloves Acceptable for use

The intangible benefits of safety paperless inspection work-flow are countless. Paperless Safety Inspection solutions promote efficiency by providing highly organized records and improving employee accountability and personal ownership. It facilitates trend charting and forecasts by maintaining easy access to histories and has the ability to independently produce logs, certificates and alerts. Most importantly, it keeps workplaces safer and companies compliant with industry safety standards and lessens the risk of OH&S violations and workplace accidents.

Paperless PPE Safety inspection


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