Using an iPad running a paperless field inspection application can make safety compliance process as simple as possible and assist to comply with many Australian Standards such as:

  •  AS/NZS 4486 Playgrounds and playground equipment
  • AS 1428: Design for access and mobility
  • AS/NZS 4422: Playground surfacing
  • AS 4685: Playground equipment
  • AS 4989: Trampolines- Safety aspects
  • AS 3533 Amusement rides and devices

Playground and Amusement rides safety inspectors are no longer required to fill out paperwork (Hence going green and saving paper). The safety inspector can perform all the required field tasks using a paperless inspection application on the iPad.  The paperless inspection application can easily utilize the iPad’s features- such as camera, voice to text capabilities (Siri), automatic date, time and GPS stamps, as well as provide easy access to reference material.



Using paperless inspection application on iPad can fulfill the following features:


  • List all information required by inspectors to perform their safety inspection tasks, including task lists, Job Safety Analysis, instructions and references to the relevant codes and policies (e.g. AS 4486).
  • Allow safety inspectors to enter as much information as needed on the iPad.
  • Easy  access to playground  information and  previous inspections results.
  • The safety inspector can record finding using pre-set text, tailored drop down boxes, reading QR and barcodes or using the iPad’s keyboard.
  • Take photos and annotate them on the iPad.
  • Record audio notes using Siri that will translate speech to text.
  • Produce safety reports as required in real time.

The paperless inspection software can be customised to suit the specific requirements of any field inspection and make the finding available on line in real time.  Paperless inspection application on iPads can make  safety compliance process as simple as possible, save paper, deliver results in real time, and save time and money.